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3105 E. Reno
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Straights & Blends
Using only 100% Arabica beans, all orders are custom roasted, flavored and packaged. Our special one-way valve bag allows the fresh roasted beans to gas off without taking in air. We believe our knowledge and commitment will be apparent where it matters the the cup.

Enjoy, The Neighbors

Qty. in Basket
100% Colombian "Huila" Coffee$16.10 -
Breakfast Blend Coffee$14.25 -
Celebes "Kalossi" Coffee$17.20 -
Colombian Supremo Coffee$16.60 -
Colombian Viennese Coffee$16.60 -
Costa Rican "Escazu" Coffee$14.25 -
Dark French Espresso Coffee$14.25 -
Ethiopian "Yirgacheffe" Coffee$18.60 -
French Café Coffee$14.25 -
Guatemalan SHB Huehuetenango Coffee$14.25 -
Java "Lawan Estate" Coffee$16.70 -
Kenya AA Coffee$20.25 -
Kona Blend Coffee$26.35 -
Mocha Java Blend Coffee$18.75 -
Neighbors N'Orleans Café Coffee$14.25 -
Neighbors Private Blend Coffee$14.25 -
Panama "Flora Boquette" Cafe Coffee$14.25 -
Pedra Azul Brazil Coffee$14.25 -
Pride of the Andes Blend Coffee$14.25 -
Seattle Sunset Coffee$14.25 -

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